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    Most households are leaning into wise and practical investments and services for their homes. This is why there is such a rise in the number of companies offering bundles and packages to their clients to market their products faster and create a loyal following for their companies. This is the same scene when it comes to internet connection services. Internet servicing companies often have cable and internet bundles or home and phone internet bundles and promos to attract clients and to keep the old ones as well.

    The cable and internet bundle has really become a great convenience for internet subscribers. Having internet and cable in one plan can save a lot of money and effort, and hence improve on the user’s experience having the best of both worlds – TV and internet. Not being able to misplace one extra bill from the mail also reduces the stress and hassle.

    But just like any packages and bundles, cable internet also has some disadvantages that are yet to be addressed and reduced. Here are some of the negative encounters cable internet users often complain about.

    When the internet is down, cable is out of signal, too (and vice versa)

    Since subscribers are paying for the package, both of the internet and cable services are simultaneously affected when there is a problem. In this regard, it can interrupt a lot of work and leisure in one shot. This is one of the common and most complained-about issues when it comes to a cable and internet bundle.

    When the internet is slow, the cable TV signal is not working well, too

    Since the cable internet bundle is getting a reception from just a single source, it affects the internet connection and the cable connection both ways. Moreover, troubleshooting these kinds of issues requires more time and effort. In effect, it doubles the stress of the subscriber fixing both the cable TV connection and the internet all at once.


    Sometimes, cable internet providers cannot promise a stable connection for both the television and the PC since their receptions can also be in conflict. But this all depends on the location of the main routers of the servicing company and the other services providers on how they can provide their customers with the best service possible from the company.

    Users must look into the two issues – TV and Cable

    Sometimes subscribers are gearing on babysitting the interface of the TV and the cable and analyze what can work best if the other one is not working. Simultaneous load could be sometimes a bit of a challenge for the subscribers as they go on nurturing issues about the usage of their services. However, if cable and internet plans would stick to the obvious, the TV and the PC should be able to work and function according to the speed subscribed and paid for by a client.


    Subscribers sometimes cannot utilize both because they use one more than the other. In relation to this, they cannot get the most out of the plan or package they subscribed into. But if being practical is what a household would want to achieve, getting a bundle, even if one is greatly used over the other, is a wise decision.

    Cable internet connections are not fool-proof. That is why it is important to get cable plans that have very efficient after-sales service. Offers like Telstra cable plans must come with a dependable after-sales group to be able to attend to minor and major problems that may be encountered while using their service. Having one allows you to get the best services from the subscription that you have purchased.

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  • 26Mar

    One of the biggest and significant developments that technology has managed to contribute in the past decades is the internet. With it came a lot of improvements and more technological advancements that made life faster and easier for many. However, the internet did not happen overnight and the things that we all enjoy at present from the World Wide Web happened because of the changes and processes the internet had to go through in the years that passed by.

    The birth of the internet has been one of the most important factors that affected the global standards in the largest way possible at present. Nowadays, almost everyone is already relying on the internet for work, leisure, socialization, studies, banking, communication, and a lot more.

    Indeed, the internet has brought a lot of advantages to mankind, together with the birth of computers, Smartphone, cameras, and even radio at the very least. Everything seems to be connected and internet services have become a very basic need for humankind.


    Internet started during the 1960s as an experiment and. nothing more formal. It is pioneered by the Advanced Projects Agency (ARPA, now DARPA) of the United States Department of Defence. DARPA started the invention by having computer networks connected for various universities and private companies solely for the research.


    The original internet connection established has been congested and the need to move forward to a development arose. The National Science Foundation (NSF) developed NSFNET that allows multiple networks and peer networks to be connected and have been a major backbone to provide support for the further development of the Internet.

    1990s onwards

    The rise of various series of internet connection has been developed to provide a larger scale of connection to a bigger area. Moreover, things became heavily relied on the internet. Emails dominated over the usual handed mail post and banking has been developing software and programs, hence the development and innovation.

    A long term experimentation on mature different internet concepts and technology as a whole (as it bundled with each other) was later on pursued. ARPANET, Packet Radio, and Packet Satellite are some of the companies that pioneered the internet connection in the global market. Their original research community set out a good deal from then to today’s generation and took on so much initiative in making the World Wide Web bigger as it was supposed to.

    Now, there are a lot of providers having the same offering and moving forward to a more connected world and faster transaction as the maturity and innovation of technology continue.

    Without the internet, social media, online banking, online gaming and many other online activities that we enjoy might not have been possible. Thus, getting the best plan like Optus deals and internet plans is necessary to be able to experience the best that the online web has to offer. CompareBroadband internet plans can give you an idea of the services that you may avail to get the most out of this very genius invention brought by men to the world.

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